Friday, 7 December 2012

An oasis in the city

One of my favourite things to do is to explore Mumbai! This bustling vibrant colourful city that never sleeps, with its skyscrapers and huts, bazaars and fashion shops. Even a lifetime in Mumbai wouldnt be enough - there would still be places to explore!

Last week I went to Banganga tank, one of Mumbai's most holy sites as part of the Walkeshwar temple. Since they believe that the water here comes from Ganges, it is considered sacred and with healing effect just like the Ganges water. What an oasis in the middle of the city!

This is where the locals come to honour and remember their loved ones who has passed away. In India White in the colour for mourning (not black like for us) - so it was very moving to see groups of people sitting at the edge - slipping small packets of flowers and memories into the water or swim themselves in the sacred water of the tank.
The legend says that the spring was created by an arrow shot by Rama (the hero of the epic Ramayana), and the minute the arrow hit the ground, water gushed from the ground, creating a tributary of the Ganges. Therefor the name is Banganga, the Ganga created on a baan (arrow).

This is a place I would recommend to visit when in Mumbai, an oasis packed with atmosphere.

PS. By the way. Did you know that Hindus may shave their heads to show that they are in mourning? I was explained that during last days of the departed soul's, the sorrowful thoughts have occupied the minds of all the people around him/her.The hair you had then, is therefor polluted by negative thoughts. You can prepare for a positive and hopeful future by physically removing your hair. When the new hair will grow, you leave behind your sorrow and negative thoughts and look forward for positive growth. And by letting the sun shine directly on your shaven head you will get busy and start rethinking.The brain function will be activated, and you can look positive at the future again!

Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your day!

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